Blaze 9240
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Grand Ingle, high voidspell, holy affinity

High miasma, high fulmination, High gicel

Xbox one
Solid spellcaster pawn, she got your back and can deliver some powerful offensive spells. And support spells mainly holy affinity and high voidspell. Bestiary: 3 stars Daimon, cursed dragon, wyvern, drakes, ur-dragon, liches, wight, gorecyclopes, wraith, eliminator, Garm. Everything else in her bestiary is 2 stars except The Seneschal is only 1 star enemy. Gear is all Gold rarify. If interested in hiring my pawn, message me on xbox if you want hire for free.
HP:3695. ST:3475
Magick offense: 2876
Defense: 755
Magick defense: 1099
Debilitation resistance: 100%: blindness, sleep, possession, silence, cursed, petrification, defense lowered.

Pawn Sierra