Pawn is inactive

High Bolide, High Maelstrom, High Gicel

High Petrifaction, High Silentium, High Miasma

Equipped with a Rusted Archistaff, Maria will poison, torporize, silence, petrify, set on fire, and freeze your enemies for you and will target their weaknesses to ice, fire, darkness or lightning with large area-of-effect spells that inflict torpor and poison on hit.

HP: 3,453
ST: 3,520

Magick 2,076
Defenses 747
Magick Defenses 1,239

Resistances: Poison 100%, Torpor 86%, Blindness 100%, Sleep 100%, Possession 100%, Silence 100%, Cursed 100%, Magick Lowered 100%, Defenses Lowered 100%, Magick Defenses Lowered 100%

(The Intervention augment also gives her total protection against most attacks that cause petrification.)

Augments: Gravitas, Intervention, Conservation, Acuity, Attunement, Articulacy

Bonuses: Magick boosted when noticed by enemies, Health gradually restored, Stamina regained with every killing blow, Strong winds do not affect mobility

You can also hire her to help complete the quest ‘Trappings of Evil’ and receive a Savior Ring.

Pawn Maria