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Skull Splitter, Leaping Stone, Dazzle Blast

Downpour Volley, Fracture Dart, Shriek Dart

Siobhán is the best, most high maintenance pawn an Arisen could ask for. She's mastered every vocation and switches frequently, mostly to try new outfits. Sigh, that's right. Siobhán is a Fashion Dogma Diva.

She refuses to wear anything more than a circlet on her head. Caxton was selling a new helmet and I thought I'd surprise her with it. I snuck up behind her and plopped it on her head.

"OMG Ew! What are you doing???" she screamed, ripping the helmet off and throwing it into the fountain. "I had cute hair, my makeup was perf and my eyebrows were on fleek! Now we have to go to the Barber Shop".

"But", I stammered, "Sir Maximillian said the mission was urgent and we should head out straightaway."

"Sir Max can throw himself into the brine. We are going to Devyn's and YOU are going to pay for it!" she snarled, thumping my chest scar so hard that Grigori could probably feel my missing heart jump.

"'Tis a troubling foe!" I muttered as we headed to the Barber Shop.

Pawn Siobhán