AIDE - AEB3 - B077
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High Comestion, Holy Affinity, Grand Levin

High Miasma, High Voidspell, Grand Fulmination

Remarkable Gear:
- She wears Adept's Robe now, that has the description of "A robe favored by high-level wizards, it continuously restores the Health of nearby allies." This is a valuable robe.
- Her archistaff is Dragons Risen, that has the description of "A fine archistaff in the shape of dual dragons, their forms twisting together to amplify an almighty magickal power." This is a powerful archistaff.

All items equipped to her are dragonforged. I am continuously working towards improving her gear. My goal for her is to be very damage-orientated, with a few support options.

My headcanon: I think of the bond between my Arisen and Juniper as similar to sisters. My Arisen is the big sister, while Juniper looks like a little sister. But she has a strong will and determination to aid her Arisen. I see her as a secret weapon. Her small appearance is deceiving, compared to her mighty talents with magick.

Pawn Juniper