F500 16F4 AB64
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Dragon’s Maw

A Dark Knight-turned-Paladin and relentless hunter of the undead, Cecil uses the strongest holy enchanted sword and shield available and augments that amplify their magick for maximum damage to enemies from Cursed Dragons to Living Armors. His high health regen will ensure he starts every battle at full health and you can save your curatives for your arisen and give your mage a break. His high stamina will ensure he never tires of Dragon’s Mawing every monster.

HP 4,650
ST 4,315
Strength 2,080
Weapon Magick 935
Defenses 1,085
Magick Defenses 778

Resistances: Poison 100%, Torpor 100%, Blindness 100%, Sleep 100%, Possession 100%, Silence 40%, Skill Stifling 100%, Petrification 40%, Strength Lowered 100%, Magick Lowered 25%, Defenses Lowered 25%, Magick Defenses Lowered 85%

Augments: Clout, Vehemence, Acuity, Attunement, Sinew, Predation

Bonuses: Health gradually restored

Pawn Cecil