Pawn is inactive

Slow bow and sharp daggs

Give her grandgrapes pls

Hailed long ago from a land far far away, VHS is the hustler of Team Mixtapes. Consistently baked, she can usually be seen avoiding the camera, constantly looking for ingredients for "the big hit", and marking spots to smoke Betamax's stash. When it's time for the team to hustle, she usually starts the action by telling Betamax what everybody already knew, like how there are wolves, while staring at them. There is nothing more she enjoys doing than slacking off, or making a lot of noise but does nothing during hairy situations: then swoops in, deals the killing blow and takes all the credits, while nonchalantly questions the Arisen's involvement in the fight. We don't know where or how she acquires Grand Grapes, or where she ferments all her products, but she secretly runs a (legit?) wine distilling and distribution racket.

Pawn VHS