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Grand Ingle, High Brontide, High Frigor

Holy Affinity, Fire Affinity, High Anodyne

She's built for support and combat when needed.
I'm in dire need of some rc, please hire her, I'll be forever in your debt. Just trying to get my BBI gear purified and completed so I can start 2 on release. Happy to take anyone elses pawns through BBI with me, will be leveling to 200.
Will be upgrading her gear as I can, but need the rc to do so, she's got a mix of lower end bbi gear that's DF for the most part. I'm not a magic class, so haven't been able to DF the mage specific stuff.
Happy to change anything to anyone's liking, just need some hires. She's always levelled mage/sorcerer, so I can swap to sorcerer easily enough.

Pawn Madie