Pawn is inactive

Grand Bolide, Grand Gicel, High Voidspell

Holy Pact, High Fulmination, High Maelstrom

Has the best possible gear in the game for Sorcerers (except the chest clothing, for aesthetic purposes, but it is the Silver Chestplate so it's pretty good anyways), all Gold DF.

I really like her for Holy enchanting my weapon. She has Holy Pact and Perpetuation, so the enchantment lasts for a long time.

Her stats are MAG: 3413, MAG DEF: 1450, DEF: 732. Also has very good resistance towards elements and debilitations.

Augments: Attunement, Perpetuation, Articulacy, Acuity, Gravitas, Inflection.

Feel free to send me a request on Steam if you want to hire the pawn or make an observation about it.

I just want you to have a good time with my pawn; if you are pleased with it, please give it a good rating :) Also RC would be really useful since now I'm focusing on my main character. Thank you!

Pawn Abby