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High Comeston


She's highly resistant to nearly all debilitations/magicks, and familiar with most Beasts, locations & quests. Evanora is your mobile medic! Her priorities are as follows: She works on healing & enchanting first, then attacks weaker foes, then goes after ranged attackers and magic-using foes . Press F3 at the 1st sign of trouble! Her equipment is purposeful. She wields the Legion's Might staff, so she's *nearly* immortal! (It revives pawns that have fallen to their death, received mortal wounds, or have been slain by Dragon Roar). All of her equipment is Dragonforged & Gold Rarefied. Evanora is a survivor, knows how to fight, can carry a ton of stuff for you, and she's fun to look at as well. Enjoy! P.S. She's BBI certified, but she's still working on maxing out her Bestiary. If she serves well, we'd appreciate 5 Stars. Thx!

Pawn Evanora