Dad NieR (tank)

Dad NieR (tank)
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Ecliptic Slash, Exodus Slash

⭐ Staminna Hammer Warrior ⭐

- Staminna Hammer draws enemies attention like a perma Warcry while it also negates all stamina consumption at the cost of damage and CC, useful for tanking and surviving Daimon's fight.

- He isn't immune to possession so he can be used to force strider and ranger pawns to equip blast arrows, once he gets possessed the treat level rises making pawns use items.

- Possessed pawns do little damage melee when possessed and can be cured by mages, panaceas and more.

⭐ Bonus Enhancements ⭐
- Extends duration of attribute boosts applied to you
- Increases maximum item-carrying capacity

Pawn Dad NieR (tank)