Pawn is inactive

Comestion/Holy Affinity/Ice Affinity

High Anodyne/High Halidom/High Grapnel

Min-maxed for magic. All equipment is Gold Rarefied. Has almost all debilitation resistances at 100% or close to.

Augments: Acuity, Attunement, Perpetuation, Beatitude, Conservation, Inflection, Stability (Grave Greaves)

After being thrown to the Brine innumerable times, Rook has returned, stronger than ever before! As a support mage, Rook brings both Holy and Ice affinities, covering two important elements just by himself, and he will always try to enchant at the start of battle. Comestion makes for a strong knockdown and area-of-effect spell, left at its basic version for more reliable casting. And the trio of Anodyne, Halidom, and Grapnel round out his support skills.

Requests: Just honest feedback and help expanding his bestiary knowledge!

Pawn Rook