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Pommel Bash + Ecliptic Slash + AoO

Her inclination (Scather) makes her attack large enemies first and putting herself in a certain distance from the party while provoking enemies, staggering them using the ice-enchanted warhammer Twinterfang (GoldR) [image not shown].

She sometimes starts off with a quick Pommel Bash combo (great for staggering blocking Ogres, Skeletons, Bandits, etc.) followed by Ecliptic Slash to knockdown multiple enemies. And finally, she can now use a fully charged AoO and hit enemies with it. (Well, most of the times.) A charge-up skill can also help prevent a bug that makes her bunny hop whenever one encounter bandits or any fast moving enemies.

Tired of poorly trained mages? Try this one:

You can add me if you like so that you can use her for free.

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