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Thousand Kisses, Instant Reset

Tenfold Flurry, Great Gamble

Elseth is following a stat plan and will be a ranger until level 200. He's rapidly levelling up and improving his gear each time I update him on the Rift.
I like to hire the pawns of those that've hired him, so don't be surprised if you get a return hire (once I reach your pawn's level, if it's higher than mine). :)

He should stay at this level for a bit longer, I'm intentionally taking time between levelling up.

He may have the circlet or the hood.

Current weapons: Framae Blades DF2 / Revenant Wail DF3
* Is wearing a Coat of Shadow with the passive group heal enhancement

Augments: Vehemence, Clout, Impact, Stability, Sinew, Precision

Weight class: M (carries 65+20kg)

No specific requests, I mostly need RC!
* Thank you SO much to Mad for the BBI3 armour, Elseth is wearing it :)
* Thank you SO much also to MrKitty, the BBI3 weapon gave me Darkening Storm :)
* Thank you!! to Hugz, your BBI3 weapon gift gave the Framae Blades he's using :')

Pawn Elseth