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Indomitable Lash, Exodus Slash, Indomitable Lunge


A warrior's job is to act like a very tank-like distraction while putting out a lot of stagger damage to assist in making your life easier. Comes with two Barbed Nails.
Utilitarian uses the bestiary knowledge of that pawn. At low levels this is not useful but at high experience it is one of the best inclinations.
Scather allows the pawn to focus on the biggest enemies. Make sure to choose a pawn with only one targeting inclination.
Medicant allows for a small amount of tactical gain, to use buffs or healing on the pawns inventory and knowing when to cancel charged attacks. It will also allow the pawn to use healing properly and to use Conqueror's Periapt if it is in the pawns inventory.
Has Suasion (bonus selling prices) and Sinew (weight improvement) for questing and includes all the usual Strength skills.
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