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Exodus Slash

Amazonian sized Warrior Pawn in training! :D
She still needs alot of Bestiary, Quest & Location Knowledge!
She is a slightly tweaked & experimental build e.g. Sacrificed full Strength/Stamina for some extra HP/Defense. She more tanky!
One quick Skill only & generally relying on her Core Skills for basic & reliable hard hitting attacks!
Her stats...
Height 202 / Weight 103
HP 5440 / ST 2520
Strength 3701 (704)
Defenses 1386 (607)
Magick Defenses 746 (200)
Augments: Ferocity, Eminence, Impact, Vehemence, Clout, Stability.
100% Thunder resistance! Will take 0 damage from lightning spell attacks therefore won't be stunned or collapse! No interruptions!
Goldforged BBI Gear.
Devil's Toenail, Dragonwing Circlet, Abyssinal Outfit, Delta Guard, Hellfire Armor (Health Restore), Hellfire Gauntlets (Extend Attribute), Hellfire Greaves (Sinew), Hellfire Cloak, 2x Master Ring.

Pawn Celia