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Hundred Kisses and Cutting Wind

Tenfold Fury and Great Gamble

Bey(she's inspired from Beyonce) is a great gamble ranger capable of dealing multiple bars of damage if the cards are in her quiver. She uses tenfold fury, hundred kisses, and cutting wind to dispatch of smaller foes.

All of her equipment are Gold Rarified. She's fashion's dogma'd up like a warrior queen without sacrificing performance. She wields the Revenant Wail and Heavenly Keys for damage variety.

An ever loyal pawn with 100% possession resistance, vigilant with 100% sleep resistance, one step ahead with 100% torpor resistance, a will harder than stone with 100% petrifaction resistance, Bey will do her best not to be a nuisance in whichever journey you take her in. She also has 100% resistances to minor debilitations such as blindness, curse, and 92% to skill stifling.

She's extra thique(large character weight), with polite and supportive pawn chatter so she'll be happy to carry more blast arrows or loot for arisens :)

Pawn Bey