Shiden (Debilitator)

Shiden (Debilitator)
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Brain Spiltter + Instant Reset

Hailstorm Volley

- Shiden is a aggressive (maxed fighter) strider pawn capable of physical and magikal damage due to her Sapfire Daggers, letting her take on living armours and wraiths among others. Her bow is rusty, which allows her to easily inflict torpor upon foes using Hailstorm Volley. Using Brain Splitter she can also apply lowered defence to enemies very fast. With morbidity she can inflict debuffs even faster, with poison and burning being a small bonus. Her main role in combat is to engage the strongest of a group and inflict the above mentioned debuffs to make taking them down easier for you and your other pawns. Shidens only weaknesses is that she lacks strong stagger/knockdown skills and has a moderate magick resistance.

★ BBI Enhancements ★
- Debilitations heal more quickly
- Slightly restore Stamina on killing blow
- Increase item-carrying capacity

- Poison Torpor Possession Silence Skill Stifling Petrification

Pawn Shiden (Debilitator)