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Grand Ingle / Grand Levin

High Anodyne / High Halidom / Holy Affinity

Greetings Arisen! Please "Hire" me.

I'm a level 105 Aggressive/Support "Mage". I tend to give support mid-level arisen for their adventures.

I do support such as:

- killing/damaging physically-immune enemies
- Enchanting weapons w/ Holy Affinity
- Restoring health, clearing selected debilitations and enhancing resistances
- Bulky inventory for carrying plenty items (90KG Maximum)

All equipment are high-end gold rarified items w/ bonus enhancements. Most debilitations are 100% resistible, the rest are 25%. If I will be hired, It will be my pleasure to assist you. (っ^▿^)っ❤️

Last update: 17 November, 2023

My creator will become busy eventually. He will be away from the gaming world and won't see anyone in game due to nature of work. Hoping to see you guys on upcoming Dragon's Dogma 2 ❤️

Pawn Ryuu