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Full Moon Slash, Antler Toss, Dragon's Maw

Cymbal Onslaught

Yep, it's the same Myrmidon that was on here 2 years ago... Kind of. My save was corrupted so here he is again. He's oriented towards survival. He can regen his own health with Immortals currently, perfect blocks, tenacity and predation. He's also wielding Dragon's Roost and uses Cymbal Onslaught to make enemies hit like wet noodles. I'm currently aiming at making him immune to sleep and petrifaction.

Immunity: Possession

High Resistance: Sleep, Skill Stifling, Petrication, Stagger, Knockdown.

Augments: Vehemence, Clout, Sinew, Tenacity, Proficiency, Predation

The screenshot is when I was leveling him as a warrior, but it was pretty funny.

Pawn Myrmidon