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High Levin, Bolide, Maelstrom

High Miasma, High Voidspell

Selene. Pawn of Sofiah. Witch of witchwood. And now, companion to the Arisen; not as a pawn, but as an equal. Titles mean little to Selene; she spends her time brewing herbal ale in Cassardis, relaxing with the locals, and living the best of her years.

But life was not always so peaceful for Selene; she was a powerful sorceress who fought by Sofiah's side, raining meteors and tornadoes upon her foes.

Though Sofiah's bestowal of spirit erased her pawn print, immortal copies of Selene the Sorceress can still be found in the Rift, offering their services to Arisens from other worlds. No one knows why they still exist; perhaps they are remnants of Selene that will eventually disappear from the Rift, or perhaps Sofiah's will was so strong, Selene's essence was forever left imprinted in the Rift.

Whatever the case may be, none can deny the power of Selene, the sorceress of Sofiah.

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Pawn Selene