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Brain Splitter | Hundred Kisses

Fivefold Flurry | Hailstorm Volley | Fracture Dart

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Endgame pawn, DPS-focused Strider. Will happily rain down arrows upon your foes or dice 'em up for you.

Wears Oblivion set (except the headgear coz fashion), and Darkening Storm + Framae Blades. All equipment Gold-Rarified.
Has 3 stars in all location, quest, and bestiary knowledge

Has 100% resistance to Poison, Torpor, Possession, Silence, Skill Stifling, and Petrification.

HP: 3994 | Stam: 4380
Primary str: 2822 | Secondary str: 2658
Def: 1100 | M.Def: 915

- Vehemence = extra strength
- Clout = extra strength
- Impact = strengthen ability to stagger/knockdown foes
- Stability = prevent stagger/knockdown from dragon wing buffet
- Eminence = makes jumping attacks more powerful
- Sinew = increased carry capacity

Bonuses from BBI equipment:
- Gradually restore health (armor)
- Restore stamina when delivering a killing blow (arms)
- Increased carry capacity (legs)

Pawn Gareth