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Aurelius is your frontline offense. His primary focus is attacking the toughest/biggest/strongest opponents first. The equipment he wears *is purposeful*. The armor is enchanted to heal nearby Pawns, but it also heals his Arisen! His helm makes him stronger when he's noticed by more enemies, and *he will be* because he wields The Stamina Hammer. This weapon makes hostile enemies focus their attention on him instead of you or your other Pawns! So, he also wears a piece of the Immortal Set which continuously heals him. All of his equipment is Dragonforged & Gold Rarefied. He's a great support Pawn if you're a Mage or Sorcerer and need time to cast uninterrupted. He's also a big dude, so he can carry a ton of stuff for you. Aurelius has a maxed out bestiary and can help you beat the game from start to finish. BTW - Neither Aurelius nor his Arisen are worried about RC or gifts, but if he serves well, we'd appreciate 5 Stars. Thx! P.S. - Big A is now in Dragon's Dogma 2 as well!

Pawn Aurelius