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High Fulmination

High Voidspell

Lanuaria is 100% resistant to nearly all debilitations and highly resistant to most magicks. She is familiar with all locations, beasts, & Quests. Lanuaria's priorities are as follows: Enchanting weapons during combat, curing debilitations, & removing bad spells. Then, attacking stronger foes. She wears the Adept's Robe which heals you & your Party! Press F1 for more aggression. All of her equipment is Dragonforged and Gold Rarefied. She's a survivor, knows how to fight, & will support you and your party. She can carry a ton of stuff, and she's fun to look at. Enjoy! P.S. - Thanks to all who have favorited her. She and her Arisen are most grateful! P.P.S. - Lanuaria has a maxed out Bestiary and can help you beat the game from start to finish. She's BBI certified ;) BTW - Neither Lanuaria nor her Arisen are worried about RC or gifts, but if she serves well, we'd appreciate 5 Stars. Thx! BTW - She's in DD2 now as well ;)

Pawn Lanuaria