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Thousand Kisses

Downpour Volley

She's highly resistant to nearly all debilitations and magics and familiar with all Beasts, locations & quests. Lydia is mainly a support Pawn. Her priorities are as follows: She attacks weaker melee foes first, then stronger foes, then uses her support based skills by helping her Arisen and fellow pawns based on her Bestiary knowledge. Her equipment is purposeful. Golden Blades silence & her Rusted Bow poisons & debilitates. All of her equipment is Dragonforged & Gold Rarefied Lydia is a survivor, knows how to fight, can carry a ton of stuff for you, and she's fun to look at as well. Enjoy! P.S. - Thanks to all who've favorited her. She and her Arisen are most grateful! P.P.S. - Lydia has a maxed out Bestiary and can help you beat the game from start to finish. She's BBI certified ;) BTW - Neither Lydia nor her Arisen are worried about RC or gifts, but if she serves well, we'd appreciate 5 Stars. Thx!

Pawn Lydia