-Daenerys- (Queen)

-Daenerys- (Queen)
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High Comestion, High Gicel, High Fulmination

High Miasma, High Voidspell, Holy Affinity

100% legit low level minmax pawn. Nothing is twinked or gifted, all is self-farmed. I put a lot of effort into her so if you use her it would mean a lot to me and I will try repay the favor to the best of my ability.

Everything is GDF BBI 3 save the helm so she can cosplay a dragon queed #hug

Can put literally any essential mage augment you want. Has all the spells.

Currently has Sinew, Bastion, Emphasis, Attunement, Acuity, Articulary.

Pawn -Daenerys- (Queen)