Good Fortune

Good Fortune
Pawn is inactive

Gicel, High Comestion, Grand Levin

High Voidspell

Good Fortune is a super aggressive, fast-casting spell chucker who has been trained from her earliest guild days to incinerate, flash freeze and electrocute the baddies. She can perform well on her own, but her Utilitarian inclination makes her truly excel when working alongside another sorcerer pawn or arisen. Acuity, Suasion, Emphasis and Alacrity are included. For ease of use, she also features immunities to Curse, Blindness, Petrification, and all forms of lowered defense.

To keep her light on her feet, the only support skill she comes equipped with is High Voidspell. This ensures she stays focused on terrorizing enemies and not throwing holy buffs around the party if an elder ogre starts stomping on your face.

She can be a bit abrasive (it's an elf thing) but her combat skills more than make up for it. Treat her kindly, keep her AWAY from the brine, and she'll expertly serve as your mainstay blaster mage for many dungeon treks to come.

Pawn Good Fortune