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Hindsight Strike/ Antler Toss/ Burst Strike

Cymbal Onslaught / Shield Drum / Launchboard

I would greatly appreciate if you try my pawn and rate him with 5 stars. It would be awesome if he could reach the top leaderboards with your support. I'm also testing active player's pawns.

Augments: Clout, Vehemence, Impact, Bastion, Egression, Stability.

Base Stats: Optimized balanced build. HP 4000 / ST 3495 / Atk 503 / Def 500 / M. Atk 422 / M. Def 400.

- Full 3 star knowledge on quests, bestiary and locations.
- Full GDF Abyssinal armor set with 100% resistance to most debilitations.
- GDF Devilsbane and Dragon's Roost.
- Skills slots tested to Perfect Block like a Dragon's Maw user only without the "desperately low stamina" issues.
- Can inflict thundershock & lowered attack debilitations using Cymbal Onslaught.
- Reliable as a Tank drawing aggro with Shield Drum.
- Deals great damage and has sustainability using Hindsight Strike i-frames efficiently.
- Great for Stagger and Knockdown with Antler Toss and Burst Strike.
- TESTING: Launchboard.

Pawn Victor