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High Miasma/High Comestion/ High Levin

Holy Affinity/High Seism/High Glicel

Endgame Build with full magic (with enchanted carrion set over berserkin/gleaming bangles/flame skirt just because the defense/debilitation's resistences and the bonuses are way better than the few points in magic).

As you can see i prefer low casting's time magics over Malestrom/Bolide etc., because that makes harder to get your channeling interrupted and at level 200 everything just disappears before casting a 15 second spell (i keep glicel 'cause i really like it and Seism for coverage).

Actually i'm trying to fill bestiary and the few missing stars in travel section, so if anyone wants to hire Nynaeve and could help in that regard, it will be highly appreciated!! I can also rent your pawn back and feed you 1 Milion Rc/any item for some Knowledge :D.

P.s. If you need multiple Sorceres to synchronize i have another Pawn with the same build/skill set (Moiraine, https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199379663989), 'cause "Strength in numbers Arisen" =))

Pawn Nynaeve