Pawn is inactive

Bolide, Gicel, High Fulmination

High Miasma, Grand Levin, Seism

First level Bolide/Gicel for faster casting. She is orientated towards an offensive high magic/damage build.

Augments: Articulacy, Acuity, Attunement, Inflection, Stability, Emphasis

Equipment Notes: Full Endgame BIS (mostly) & Gold Rarified: Carrion Set + Sanguine Stalk

100% Stagger/KO Resistance. 100% resistance to major debilitation's. high elemental resistance.

Tertiary inclination allows pawn to use group heals if party members low on health eg. group curatives such as spring water if given.

Recommend placing Wyrmkings Ring in pawns inventory for even faster casting.

Dont need anything, pawn left mostly to assist other players. Do note that if you choose to use capcoms terrible search functionality to find this pawn - try search at level 199, as sometimes searching at ∞ level will find nothing (it can still take a while on 199 as there are a lot of pawns here).

Pawn Elektra