Drow Zhalryk (Dark Elf)

Drow Zhalryk (Dark Elf)
Pawn is inactive

Hundred Kisses/ Cutting Wind/ Instant Reset

Tenfold Flurry

He's tall, sweet and to the point :D
Just slayed Grigori for the first time, and i think we caught a great portion of the quests and one starred bestiary B) We've got a buncha levels, augments and knowledge to gain yet but with your help im sure we can get there abit faster >B)

Wont waste time rolling repeatedly and I placed the minimum skills to keep him on track! leveled pure Ranger
(fighter starting class till lvl10.)
Augments are:
>Stability (Wind/Wing buffet immunity)
>Sinew (Carry weight capacity)
>Trajectory( Encourages AI Longbow use)
>impact( Extra knockdown to pair w/ Barbed Nails)
>Vehemence(10% Strength Boost)
>Clout(20% Strength Boost)

Looking for a Old Crone Witch to add to spice up your party? LVL.120 and growing~!!

Pawn Drow Zhalryk (Dark Elf)