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Hund. Kiss, Brain Splitter, Cutting wind Hail Volley, Frac Dart, 5 fold

World champion mushroom eater!

Currently running as a strider, she is a strength focused pawn that I am trying to level as a relative all around build. Typical augments of a strider (no sinew or longevity)

I have her in DF'd BBI gear and weapons at the moment too. Striders' ring that upgrades downpour volley and helm splitter. May remove other skills to make her focus those, still field testing her for this.

I haven't spent much time with her on strider since I switched inclinations but she seems to close the gap on enemies (large and small) quickly, favoring the daggers over the bow. I left her primary on mitigator for now because she absolutely melts most small fry. She then will focus on large targets just the same.

She still spends stamina like a madwoman and will happily consume any mushrooms you offer her as well as curatives/buffs. Do with that as you will.

I will try to update her as needed.

I am not responsible for her mushroom bill.

Happy Hunting! :)

Pawn Vera