Pawn is inactive

Hundred Kisses, Brain Splitter, Instant Reset

Fivefold Flurry, Hailstorm Volly, Fracture Dart

Looking to take Rokko out for a date with someone planning on doing bitterblack runs or just farming/killing in general.

Excellent rusted bow strider for inflicting torpor on big guys. Equipment 90% maxed out (both weapons are maxed). Has over 5000 total hitpoints. Can hold a good amount of loot so useful if you need someone to hold onto all your items. Pretty beefy sponge to damage, and can dish out buckets of damage should the moment arise, especially when he starts spamming brain splitter (speen2win).

For anyone willing to do this, in return ill take their pawn for a couple of runs aswell. mainly daimon lvl 3 ones. Im pretty active, normally daily.

Pawn Rokathan