The Crone Witch

The Crone Witch
Pawn is inactive


high voidspell/gicel/seism

please hire my pawn Eldretta! :)
I'll never unlock core skills or levitate- Lvl. 1 spell skills only, as to not waste time or drop commands mid cast! finally sporting max Stagger/knock-down resist w/ gravitas + 100% Possession resist too >:D

that said, do keep in mind, while granny is powerful and efficient with consistent elemental force- she isnt not intended to just AFK 1HKO a whole room in Bitterblack Isle; party synergy making up for each others weakness just feels more fun & balanced c:

anything you can teach her will be a ton of help as we level up is much apricated ~!! :D Im always up for suggestions, feel free to DM me on steam as to how i can improve

Looking for a Drow(Dark Elf) Ranger to spice up your party?! Behold~! MY Alt Zhalryk

Pawn The Crone Witch