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High Bolide, High Miasma, Grand Gicel

Ice Affinity, Holy Affinity, Grand Seism

Dressed in the dopest possible fashion you could ever find in this game (also know as Maiden's set), and equipped with Sanguine Stalk for that juicy damage. All equipment (except for gloves, yet) are Dragon Forged or above.
As you can see from the skills, she was mostly designed for spellsync, but is still quite useful by herself.
For those unaware, this inclination setup SHOULD make the pawn 1º: prioritize ranged, mage and tough enemies (Challenger); 2º: abuse enemy weaknesses and spellsync (Utilitarian); 3º: keep a distance from the party (Pioneer), so that she may cast in peace. However, even with inclinations adjusted, things can go weird sometimes because Dragon's Dogma.
Hope she can be useful in your journey Arisen!

Pawn Sora