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High Ingle, Comestion, High Grapnel

High Anodyne, High Halidom, Holy Affinity

Greetings fellow Arisen!
I bring you the astute Savrin Cress, a character created by a good friend of mine who I have brought into Gransys as a loyal and trusted pawn. He may not be the strongest of warriors, nor the most adept on the battlefield, but he has a strong heart and a sharp and wizened mind. He comes with a full array of supporting spells and with a rusted staff can easily apply terrifying debuffs to any opponent.

With his bestiary and location knowledge fully completed, he has a vast amount of knowledge relating to all manner of dungeons and the foes that dwell within.

I would like to note that I kept Savrin at a medium level so that newer players don't find him too overpowering and invalidating of the early game, while more experienced adventurers can still find his vast array of support and debilitation useful in many situations. It is my hope that Savrin can reach top 100 pawns in Dragons Dogma! (has sinew)

Pawn Savrin