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High Miasma, High Comestion, High Fulmination

High Gicel, High Bolide, Holy Affinity

My Amazonian sized Sorcerer Pawn modeled after Bianca Whitaker from the Dragon Quest series hence her Moniker is also "Bianca". ;)
100% Quest, Location, Bestiary Knowledge.
She doesn't really need anything other than just wanting to be noticed & hopefully useful for any party. Currently setup as utility all-round damage support, enjoys nuking with High Miasma, can Spell-Sync, a High Fulmination powerhouse & makes for a lovely meatshield. Quite tanky for a Sorcerer!
Her stats...
Height 202 / Weight 102
HP 4628 (4138) / ST 3840
Magic 3267 (646)
Strength 877 (438)
Defenses 915 (347)
Magick Defenses 1066 (347)
100% "Important" Debilitation & 100% Fire/Darkness Resistance!
Augments - Gravitas, Articulacy, Acuity, Attunement, Conservation, Sinew.
Goldforged BBI Gear
Sanguine Stalk, Dragonwing Circlet, Abyssinal Outfit, Carrion Mantle (Health Restore), Carrion Claws (Stamina Restore), Carrion Greaves (Stability), Hellfire Cloak, 2 x Master Ring.

Pawn Minami