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High Anodyne, Fire Affinity, Holy Affinity/High Comestion, Bolide, Maelstrom

High Halidom, High Frigor, High Levin/Holy Affinity, Ice Affinity, Fulmination

Proserpina oscillates between Support Mage and cooperative, spell syncing Sorceress. She is shockingly, aggressively competent with big spells and spell syncing. She and I are mastering the art of downing golems with Bolide spam. As a healer and support, she'll save you just as often with ice pillars and lightning as with healing. If you're dealing with an armored cyclops and she has Levin, she will not suffer a cyclops to move. This is a double edged sword. You'll never be harmed by a cyclops again, but you'll have to kill armored ones the slow way. If you want her specifically as either magic class or with a specific set of Enchantments or Sync Spells, let me know and I'll park her in the rift with your loadout of choice for a while. We're about to start BBI and will need some RC, but I'm mostly looking for active pawns to hire.

Pawn Proserpina