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High Comestion, High Grapnel, High spellscreen

Grand Anodyne, Holy Affinity, High Halidom

Min/Max Mage. >>>Support Pawn<<<

Full Gold Dragonforged Gear

She has Legion's might for her weapon, you do not need to worry about helping her, She self revives automatically, making her a very efficient healer/support Pawn.

Her skills will not always be the same, they may change here and there.

She has robes with passive health Regen for allies.

The wind does not affect her casting, such as when the drake flaps its wings, her boots have that skill that prevents wind from interrupting her casts.

Make sure to give her the wyrmking's ring to hold so she can cast faster and perform at her best :)

Currently working on getting her missing bestiary and some quest knowledge, Any help appreciated.

Feel free to check her out and send a friend request for free hire!

Arisen, ready yourself!

Pawn performance preview video:

Why you want Medicant as a secondary inclination for mages:

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