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High Ingle-High Necromancy-High Seism

High Spellscreen-High Levin-Grand Fulmination

"Make fire rain and blade dance this devil blooded pawn attacks singe"The Maker

Ask me anything to benefict your needs via messaging or friending me if you cannot afford hiring or else.

Accomplished vocations.

Arisen incarnation.

Battlemage partner from mystic knight hero who focus on controlling the battle and aiding allies with magick powers or decisive strikes suited for all occasions.
Primary aggressive she is never afraid of any foes her great toughness makes for a fearsome frontliner support that can save wounds and lives in melee combat or take advantage of range in defiant stance. with destructive spells or abilities.

Devil body shape.

Wyrm huntress.

Class vary in needs between blue or red ones.

''Contract her for this pawn bear no corruptions her appearance is but a reflection of the souls she reaps fear not''

Pawn Mori-Glory