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Holy Affinity, Thunder Affinity, High Grapnel

High Anodyne, High Halidom

Utilitarian support mage who mostly enchants weapons and throws out a Grapnel here and there (you can trigger enchantments and Grapnel with the help command, FYI).

Could use a little bestiary knowledge (RC is also cool or whatever). Augments are set up for magic, casting speed/cost and enchantment duration. She also has sinew if you need her to carry stuff.

No Magick Agent to interfere with casting! Carries Legion's Might so that if she gets knocked down, she'll get up again, you ain't never gonna keep her down.

Rent my support mage and feel the enchantments and heals! Everybody needs some support to keep the momentum going!

Feel free to shoot a friend request for free rentals if lower-level.

Pawn Lorn