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High Anodyne, High Halidom, Holy Pact

High Comestion, High Grapnel, High Spellscreen

Will often apply elemental buffs before a fight starts, and is very quick to remove debilitations. Often creates Anodyne sigils during or after combat.

Skill setup is focused entirely on utility, applying buffs to the team and debuffs to enemies.

Holy weapon enchantment, High Comestion for knockdown, and High Grapnel to hold enemies in place. High Anodyne and High Halidom for restoring health and removing most debilitations, and High Spellscreen for boosted defenses.

Currently uses Legion's Might staff to bring her back into the fight in the event she falls in battle. This may seem strange to have such a low level staff, but she is not focused on dealing damage. The low Magick stat has no effect on buffs and debuffs.

(Staff, hat, gloves, boots, and cape are all gold rarefied. Working on rarefying the rest of the pieces)

Pawn Alonya