Bowie Jane

Bowie Jane
Pawn is inactive

Hundred Kisses // Cutting Wind // Advanced Trigger

Tenfold Flurry

Tenfold Archer + Rusted Daggers. If she is not ranged dpsing she is spreading torpor + poison.

Her resists are currently 100% Blindness, 100% Sleep, 100% Possession, 100% Skill Stifling, 100% Petrification. Also 80% Poison, 45% Cursed, 42% torpor. 10% vs all Lowered

Give her a stack of blast arrows and she'll do work for you on bosses.

Augments: Vehemence, Clout, Impact, Trajectory (shown to help AI use bow more), Endurance, Sinew (more Blast Arrows)

Edit 01/24: Updated Resists. 1/28 Updated Inclinations and upgraded Gear with BBI level 2 Bow

Pawn Bowie Jane