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High Spellscreen, High Grapnel, High Comestion

High Levin, High Halidom, High Anodyne

With a balance of support spells and offensive magic, Mjrn is ready to support your arisen whether in Gransys or Bitterblack Isle.

Mjrn does considerable stagger and knockdown with High Comestion, holds enemies in place with High Grapnel, and can bolster your defenses with High Spellscreen.

She does not have an enchantment, so if you play as Mystic Knight or Sorcerer yourself she will not override the enchantment you choose.

Please make sure that she has a Wyrmking’s Ring in her inventory for faster casting.

HP 3,639
ST 3,285

Magick 3,125
Defenses 823
Magick Defenses 1,223

Resistances: Blindness 100%, Sleep 100%, Possession 100%, Silence 100%, Skill Stifling 90%, Cursed 100%, Petrification 100%, Strength Lowered 48%, Defenses Lowered 100%

Augments: Acuity, Attunement, Articulacy, Gravitas, Sinew, Emphasis

Bonus: Duration of applied attribute boosts extended, Health gradually restored, Winds prevented from affecting mobility

Pawn Mjrn