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Hundred Kisses, Advanced Trigger

Tenfold Flurry, Great Gamble

Since she has the skill Great Gamble, Leila does need stamina curatives, preferably mushroom potages which can be purchased from Fournival and which will replenish your whole team’s stamina when she uses the skill.

Before setting out, I give her 40 mushroom potages, 40 blast arrows, 12 Tagilus’s Miracles, a few frozen holy waters and a few health curatives and she is still at Very Light.

HP: 3625
ST: 5405

Strength: 2770 (daggers); 2687 (longbow)
Defenses: 1,080
Magick Defenses: 1,004

Resistances: Poison 100%, Torpor 100%, Blindness 100%, Sleep 86%, Possession 100%, Silence 100%, Skill Stifling 100%, Cursed 20%, Petrification 100%, Strength Lowered 41%, Magick Lowered 35%, Defenses Lowered 35%, Magick Defenses Lowered 35%

Augments: Clout, Vehemence, Sinew, Impact, Grit, Stability

Bonus: Strength boosted when noticed by enemies, Stamina restored when delivering killing blow to an enemy, Health gradually restored, Increased maximum carrying capacity

Pawn Leila