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Corona Slash, Indomitable Lunge, Exodus Slash

Guy is a no-nonsense high DPS Warrior pawn with a solid balance of offensive and defensive stats, high carry weight and a near-perfect bestiary. He is optimized for taking out trash mobs and keeping aggro off sorcerers and mages.

He does lack poison resistance, so if he does not have a mage with him, consider putting a few detoxicating powders or some mithridate in his inventory before setting out.

HP: 5195
ST: 2875

Strength: 3871
Defenses: 1408
Magick Defenses: 652

Resistances: Torpor 100%, Blindness 100%, Sleep 100%, Possession 100%, Silence 45%, Skill Stifling 100%, Cursed 69%, Petrification 100%, Strength Lowered 100%, Magick Lowered 60%, Defenses Lowered 100%, Magick Defenses Lowered 60%

Augments: Clout, Vehemence, Sinew, Impact, Ferocity, Bastion

Bonuses: Health gradually restored, Stamina restored with killing blow, Winds prevented from affecting mobility

Pawn Guy