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Dragons Maw

None (perfect block)

3 Star Beast Knowledge
3 Star Quest Knowledge
3 Star Area Knowledge

Albus is a fighter that is built like a tank and hits like a train. He can take on anything BBI has to offer. Don't you just hate when 3 Garm randomly show up while taking the scenic route through BBI? Well don't fret because Albus can take out all 3! So please consider letting him tag along!

My pawn is currently equipped with gold rarified hellfire armor, gold rarified devilsbane and gold rarified dread aspis. He also has a gold rarified rusted sword that I can equip for anyone who needs a fighter pawn that inflicts torpor.

As far as skills go, I have built him to be a Dragons Maw and Perfect blocking machine. He has augments that increase strength, reduces damage sustained in battle, and extends his stamina. His hellfire helm also increases his strength the minute he enters battle and will continue to increase as more enemies agro against him.

Pawn Albus