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High Fulmination, Holy Affinity, High Bolide

High Seism, High Voidspell, High Miasma

Motivated by a selfless desire to support the arisen and his fellow pawns, Minwu will sacrifice it all to ensure your success, lending you holy and lightning damage via Holy Affinity and High Fulmination, healing your petrification and lowered defenses, carrying your blast arrows and wakestones for you, and spell syncing with you or your own sorcerer pawn.

Please make sure that he has a Wyrmking’s Ring in his inventory for faster casting.

HP 3,548
ST 3,610

Magick 3,307
Defenses 676
Magick Defenses 1,516

Stagger & Knockdown Resistance 100%

Resistances: Blindness 100%, Sleep 100%, Possession 100%, Silence 100%, Skill Stifling 69%, Cursed 100%, Petrification 80%, Magick Lowered 26%, Defenses Lowered 100%, Magick Defenses Lowered 26%

Augments: Acuity, Attunement, Articulacy, Conservation, Sinew, Perpetuation

Bonuses: Health gradually restored, Stamina restored when delivering killing blow, Winds prevented from affecting mobility

Pawn Minwu