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Thousand Kisses, Shearing Wind, Brain Splitter

Fivefold Flurry, Fracture Dart, Hailstorm Volley

Rosa is a well-rounded high DPS strider pawn who is set up to be most helpful with big boss type enemies such as the Ur Dragon, prisoner gorecyclopeses, and Daimon. With high stamina, high stagger and knockdown resistance, and the Stability and Adhesion augments, she is almost never interrupted or knocked out of battle.

HP 4,038
ST 4,050

Strength 2,823 (daggers); 2,659 (bow)
Defenses 1,095
Magick Defenses 796

Resistances: Torpor 40%, Blindness 100%, Sleep 84%, Possession 100%, Silence 100%, Skill Stifling 100%, Petrification 45%, Strength Lowered 76%, Magick Lowered 10%, Defenses Lowered 25%, Magick Defenses Lowered 10%

Augments: Clout, Vehemence, Sinew, Opportunism, Adhesion, Stability

Bonuses: Strength boosted when noticed by enemies, Health gradually restored, Increased speed when climbing enemies

Pawn Rosa