Pawn is inactive

Antler Toss, Soul Skewer, Dragon’s Maw

Shield Drum, Shield Storm, Launchboard

Augments: Vehemence, Clout, Impact, Sinew, Proficiency, Opportunism

Once a great ranger, this pawn has recently taken up the sword in lieu of long distance! Still just as dependable, she will use her continually growing knowledge to be the center of attention and keep the enemy busy (her picture is not super up to date, but the upper half of her body is similar enough).

Looking for active Arisen to give my pawn experience through both Gransys and BBI. Feel free to send a friend request if her lvl is too high for your current setup. I will be consistently updating her gear as I get it upgraded further/better gear overall, but also staying in line with fashion where possible.

Pawn Aurora