Nel’i Hera

Nel’i Hera
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Holy Affinity/ High Necromancy/ High Miasma

Grand Ingle/ Bolide/ Gicel

Used to smack big things with big swords, now smacks big things with Archmagicks.

Holy Affinity to spread the big thing smacking to friends.

High Necromancy to keep from getting smacked.

High Miasma to poison smack a crowd. Great if you are farming discipline points.

High Ingle to smack the fast movers or to get off a smack in a pinch.

Low level Bolide and Gicel for faster cast speed to fire-smack a large area or smack a big thing with ice faster than high or grand variants.

Favorite thing to do is carry a lot of stuff. Second favorite thing to do is smack big things in various ways.

Pawn Nel’i Hera